While some people prefer a desktop for gaming, there are times when you require something that is a bit portable and that is where the best gaming laptop under 300 might come in handy, and especially if you are operating on a tight budget. A gaming laptop is something you need which will enable you to play games in the size which you can take with you.

But when it comes to buying a laptop for gaming, you should not only look for the specifications. You will need to look at the whole specifications, including a build in display and keyboard. The following are some of the few decisions that you will need to consider before you settle for the best gaming laptop under 300.

Tips to Consider

  • Get a good keyboard: You don’t intend to play your games on something which is stiff and mushy.
  • Get a GPU that is good: Most games depend on a GPU and when it comes to a laptop, there is no way you are going to upgrade a GPU. If your laptop has a good GPU, it will be able to play games even with high settings.
  • Battery life:Very few laptops for gaming can get to 8 hours or more without charging. But for good quality of the gaming experience, you will need a power supply all the time.
  • Consider doing an upgrade: When you purchase the best gaming laptop under 300, it should have an option of upgrading the RAM and storage.
  • The Speed and Resolution: The 144Hz comes at 1920 by 1080 resolution and thus, going for a 4K screen means that it will have a lower resolution.

The Type of GPU You Require

While some of the PC games require the CPU, there are those which are still GPU bound and thus, this should be the biggest decision you need to make when you are purchasing a laptop for gaming. The type will depend on the gaming level you want to perform.

  • Entry Level Gaming: If you are not intending to play on the highest settings, then a1050 GPU will be right for you. It will allow you to play most of the games albeit on setting that is It is going to give you more power and worth the investment. If you get a laptop with these cards, it will cost you a little more than the $300.
  • Mainstream Gaming: 1060 GPU is a good one for this type of gaming as it will let you play most of the games on setting that is high. It is also considered to be the minimum when it comes to virtual reality. Such laptops will go for at least $1100.
  • VR and the highest gaming: 1070 GPU will do the trick as it will allow you to play anything with the highest settings with the 1080 GPU being the most powerful card for laptops at the moment and it will be able to allow for a smoother VR and effects that will be special for you. These types of laptops can go up to $3000 or more in terms of pricing.

Other Specifications to Consider for the Best Gaming Laptop

As much as the GPU is important for gaming on your laptop, you will also have to look out for enough storage space, RAM and good CPU.

  • CPU: It will be determined by your budget whereby, if you are looking for a high-level laptop, it can be a very powerful Core i7 CPU or even more. It is also possible to get a laptop with desktop CPUs. But you will benefit more if you get a laptop that has a quality GPU than a CPU meaning, you can do with a core i5 processor. CPUs are not upgradable and thus, you need to get the best that your money can be able to buy.
  • RAM: When you are gaming, it can become RAM intensive and thus, the need to have at least an 8GB RAM for the minimum performance. If you have the capability, get a 16GB RAM. There are laptops which come with 16GB of RAM but if yours doesn’t have, you can consider doing an upgrade in the near future. The RAM is upgradeable in gaming laptops and thus, you can consider boosting it later on.
  • Storage: You might be asking yourself whether your gaming laptop should have an SSD or a hard drive, or both. Most laptops that are on a budget come with only a hard drive of at least 1 TB but there are those gaming laptops that have a small SSD for booting purposes. You might see a laptop which has 1 TB HDD and 128GB SSD working together.

If you are in a position to get a larger SSD, you will find out that, the loading time decreases but remember that, it is going to cost you some money to get such a gaming laptop. It is important that you get a faster HDD of at least 7,200rpm as opposed to an HDD of 5,400rpm.

And just like the RAM, the storage of the gaming laptop can be upgraded later on and thus, if your budget is tight, you can go with what your money will allow and then do the upgrade later on. There is no need to spend a lot of money initially for things which can be upgraded later on.