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Do Your Research

You should have a niche – a topic you’re writing about in detail. Focus on your niche and don’t wander off far from it. Once you have that figured out, look for websites that write about the same thing you do and have a lot of readers. Read the posts they have published. Learn their writing style and what kind of authors they are looking for. Once you hire a good service you have to just tell them what the requirement is and that make the process much easier. Make sure you visit a website like Big Guest Posting, which can help you get the job done.Get to know the website you want to guest post for like it’s your own. People love when you can clearly show that you’ve done your research and not just hit copy-paste for everyone. Sure, the old CP might be faster, but slow and steady wins the race.

Cold Pitching

Send cold pitches every day. You will get rejected – a lot. After you lose all confidence in your writing skills and want to give up – keep going because one will bite. All you need is the one. Make sure your cold pitch is well-written and focused on the other person. Don’t make it about you – don’t say things like “I can write well” – everyone can say that. Show them how they will benefit from your writing, how their website will get views from your guest post. Your cold pitch is all about the other person. Start with something like “I’ve been an avid reader of your content, I love the article about…” and show them you know what they’re all about.

Do the Work And Do It on Time

Finally, you get a chance to show off your talent. This isn’t the end of the battle, now your skills come to play. Follow the outline they want you to follow, use the keywords they want you to use. Don’t try to make any suggestions or excuses. If you said you will have it done by a certain time – have it done before then. You want them to benefit from your post as much as you want to benefit from it. This works for you because they might invite you back, you can put it on your portfolio and you create a good name for yourself. Your name is your brand; you want people to want to work with you again and again. When you establish yourself as an author that’s disciplined, talented and hard-working there is no place to go but up. Make sure, that you get good traffic for your website and that will make the process much easier for you, so what are you waiting for? Gets your guest posting service today?