When you want to drill in surfaces which are hard such as stone, concrete or brick, having a good hammer drill could be the solution. It is a type of power tool which rotates like a normal drill. If you are not keen, you might confuse it with an ordinary drill with the main difference being that it has a forward action which can only be likened to a hammer, which makes it be more effective as compared to a typical power drill in certain instances.

Just like other tools in the market, it would be important that you carry out your research before you purchase a good hammer drill for yourself which will make a difference. Here are some of the things that you will need to consider before you decide a hammer drill is the right one for you.

What is it all for?

The question that should be top of mind is what you want to use the hammer drill for. A hammer drill has a rotating hammer action. This means that, if you have a hard surface that you want to drill, then it comes in handy as compared to a regular drill. It is a powerful tool that has various options which you can use on a variety of drill bits, depending on the job you want to use it for. Just like any other good tool, a good hammer drill could have work which would have otherwise been hard and tiresome to be easier and quicker.

Going for a cordless or corded hammer drill

You have an option of choosing between a corded and cordless hammer drill which will depend on how much work you are going to have for the tool. If whatever you want to work on involves a lot of materials that are tough then you are better off going for a corded hammer drill as it will provide a constant and high source of power. Another factor that will influence your choice is the location. You will only have to choose the cordless option in case you are planning to do small jobs or if you are limited in terms of power supply. Otherwise, it is advisable that you choose the corded hammer drill, which is more powerful and it will ensure that your job is done well.

A rotary hammer or a hammer drill

When you are out there in the market, you might get confused as to whether to buy the hammer drill or opt out for a rotary hammer. A rotary hammer is a tool which is powerful as compared to a hammer drill and this is as a result of a piston mechanism which provides the action. They are bigger as compared to the hammer drill, heavier and even more expensive. This means that, if you have to decide that you want to go for a rotary hammer due to the fact that you require holes that are larger, then be ready to increase your budget.

Features of a hammer drill

The main features of a hammer drill include:

  • Power: When linked to the power source, the power is what will define how fast you can get your work done. Motors for standard hammer drills offer around 7Amps with those that have larger motors offering around 10Amps. This means that the hammer drill that has a larger motor offers more power. And the larger the motor, the larger the hammer drill, making it heavier and thus, if comfortability is your top priority, you will need to look into this factor.
  • Power Source: While power is a key factor, the power source is also very important. For lighter and home use, you can do with a cordless hammer drill. This is because they will offer you with versatility which the corded cannot match. You will be able to move around without the disturbance of a cord and be able to reach anywhere in the house, making it quite useful.

The only thing that the cordless cannot offer is power. When you go for a corded hammer drill, it offers more power in terms of rotations per minute. What this means is that, you will be able to get a tough job done faster using a corded hammer drill than a cordless and at the same time, it can keep going on and on.

  • Safety: Safety is one of the most important factors you will need to consider when purchasing a hammer drill. One of the most common security features is for a hammer drill to have two handles. When that is the case, stability is offered during the time you are using it. Hammer drills which are best normally have handles that are, apart from being ergonomic, they offer a grip that is comfortable and comprises of the technology of shock absorption. It is something that is important, especially for the hammer drills which are coded as they are powerful.
  • Variable speed: The variable speed is useful to a hammer drill since it will give you great When it is present, it gives you much accuracy and precision in your work, making the results to be better. When the drill has different speeds, it will be able to handle different tasks, making your hammer more useful to you. Due to the fact that the hammer drill is able to accept various bits, you can use it on softer metals and woods.